Customer Support Options

PheedLoop is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support to ensure your event's success, whether it's onsite or virtual. Our team is committed to being there for you, offering a range of support options tailored to your needs.

Understanding PheedLoop

On average, users become comfortable with PheedLoop within 2-3 days, leveraging its full suite of functions effectively. Assembling an event typically requires 2 weeks of part-time effort for a 1,000-attendee event. Smaller events might need only a week, while larger ones, exceeding 2,500 attendees, could take 3-4 weeks to organize.

Comprehensive Support Knowledge Base

Our extensive knowledge base at is a treasure trove of resources, including detailed articles, guides, and instructional videos. Approximately 70% of event organizers can independently manage their events using these resources. PheedLoop is designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, simplifying the learning curve.

Interactive Daily Live Webinars and Office Hours

We offer daily live webinars and office hours, providing a platform for customers to engage, ask questions, and view live demonstrations. We strongly recommend attending these as a new customer, we've found event planners are up and running 50% faster if they do so. You can register for these quick and simple webinars anytime  here.

Responsive Q&A and Support

Whether you have a question, need advice, face a challenge, or just wish to connect, our support team is easily reachable via the help widget on your dashboard or at While we guarantee a response within 24 hours, our team often replies much sooner. 75% of event planners ask us an average of 2 questions a week, but we know everyone's different so we'll accommodate you depending on your needs. If something is ever urgent, let us know and we'll prioritize that for you, and if you're looking for live support during your event itself, use our live support options (described below) both on-site and virtually.

Dedicated On-Site Support

Our team can join you on-site globally, assisting with PheedLoop's setup, operation, and troubleshooting. This support is invaluable for utilizing our on-site technologies, like badge printing or attendee check-in. Please note that travel and accommodation costs for on-site support are additional and will be communicated and approved in advance.

Enhanced Virtual Live Support

For virtual events, this service includes a dedicated email and phone line, ensuring rapid assistance during your live event. The charge for virtual live support is $450 per day, providing you with peace of mind and immediate access to our experts when you need them most.