Event Management Software Pricing


PheedLoop offers a convenient pricing model that is designed to help event planners get a lot of functionality and flexibility, without breaking the bank.

  • All pricing is fully transparent and predictable making budgeting easy, and sales less aggressive
  • Purchase only the modules that you need, the Basic Platform Fee is the only required purchase
  • Get all the functionality you need without making a large upfront investment and add credits as you need or choose to save money by purchasing more credits upfront
  • Run unlimited events per year
  • Benefit from constant product updates and improvements (weekly)
  • Start small with PheedLoop and build your way up as you explore more modules, allowing you to keep your data, branding, and systems all in one place
  • PheedLoop's a true hybrid event platform (since 2015), not a virtual event platform with an assortment of "hybrid" features tacked on

On-Demand Demo

Check out this extremely in-depth demo video, updated quarterly, that goes over the key functions PheedLoop offers and what makes PheedLoop great!.

100 - 499
500 - 999
1K - 2,499
2.5K - 4,999
5,000 +
Core Event Modules
Basic Platform Fee $950 * $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Call for Abstracts/Proposals System $1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Sponsor & Exhibitor Application System
$1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Registration & Ticketing + Event Website
$1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Interactive Maps (Integrated Venue Maps, Exhibitor Floor Plans and Seat Plans) $1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Housing & Hotel Management $1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Attendee Experience Portals
Mobile Event Application  $1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Virtual Event Portal Free Free Free Free Free
Attendee Experience Modules
Schedule & Sessions $1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Exhibit Hall $1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
$1.75 $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 Custom
Power Ups On-Site Virtual Price
On-Site Live Event Display $950 / Event
Gamification $950 / Event
OnSight Event & Session Check-In Software
$950 / Event
Advanced Networking
$950 / Event
Advanced Audience Interaction
$950 / Event
Advanced SmartSight Analytics
$950 / Event
White Labelled Event App $950 / Event
White Labelled Container App $2,450 / Year
Exhibitor Lead Retrieval
$99 / Exhibitor
Advanced Exhibitor Booth Package

$299 / Exhibitor
Custom Website Domain/URL $1,450 / Year
Custom Email Domain & MX Records $1,450 / Year
Support, Badges & Lanyards Price (in USD)
On-Site Support (Per Staff) $950 / Day
On-Site Support Travel Cost (Per Staff) $950 / Day
Remote Support $450 / Day
Check-In & Badge Print Kiosk $950 / Kiosk
Direct Thermal Badge (No Labels Required) $3.00 / Badge
Premium Plastic Event Badge $2.50 / Badge
Standard Card Event Badge $1.75 / Badge
Premium Custom Lanyard $2.50 / Lanyard
Standard Custom Lanyard $1.75 / Lanyard
PheedLoop-Branded Premium Lanyard $0.75 / Lanyard
Badge Label Roll (250 Labels) $100 / Roll
Streaming Options Price
PheedLoop Built-In Live Meet & Stream + Direct RTMP See Pricing Options
PheedLoop Built-In Pre-Recorded Upload & Stream + Simulive Free
Built-In API Integrated Service (Zoom or ClickMeeting) Free
Custom Embedded Service (e.g. Vimeo Live, BlueJeans, etc.) Free
Flex-Year Discount Discount
2 Years 10%
3 Years 20%
4 Years 30%

* Additional user credit purchases after the initial purchase will charge the base platform fee per user credit at the same rate as the other modules being purchased

What is a User?

A user is anyone registered for a unique event of yours, including but not limited to attendees, speakers, and exhibit staff. You can always delete users in case you receive any undesirable registrants, before your event. The same individual registered for 2 separate events belonging to the same organization is counted as 2 users.

It is important to know how many users will be attending your event as that factors into the number of User Credits you will need. If you would like to learn more about User Credits we recommend reviewing our How User Credits Work article. 

What if I Don't Know How Many User Credits I Need?

Don't worry, this is pretty common for events. Purchase as many user credits as you like upfront (minimum of 100), and purchase more as you need them. If you purchase too many or don't use them all, roll them over to a future event within 12 months of your contract end date. Note that if you need to purchase more credits, the per-user price is determined based on the number of credits you are purchasing at that moment, not the accumulated total of users you have in the system.

Basic Platform Fee - The base platform gives you access to some of PheedLoop's back-end system that powers all events that use PheedLoop. Specifically, it gives you access to:

  • Basics: Unlimited Events Per Year, Content Management System, Data/Analytics/Reporting, Stripe Payment Gateway, Post Event Surveys, API Access, Zapier Integrations
  • Speaker Management: Unlimited Speakers Per Event, Email Announcements, Private Speaker Portals, Sponsor, and Exhibitor Portals
  • Exhibitor Management: Unlimited Exhibitors Per Event, Lead Retrieval (Sold Separately), Email Announcements, Private Exhibitor Portals
  • Sponsor Management: Unlimited Sponsors Per Event, Email Announcements, Private Sponsor Portals, All Virtual Event Sponsor Options and Placements
  • Customer Support: Customer Support Options (Learn More Here)

Call for Abstracts/Proposals System - Customizable system for speakers to submit their profiles, sessions/abstracts, and more. Includes speaker contracts, review panels, and unlimited proposals and reviewers.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Application System - Customizable system for sponsors and exhibitors to submit applications, purchase products, build contracts, complete payments, answer questions, and more.

Registration & Ticketing + Event Website - Customizable system to create free or paid tickets, collect payments and issue refunds, sell add-ons, create promotions, implement rules and workflows for tags, sessions, and groups, automatically send event invites, print DIY badges, and more. Bundled with the Event Website, which grants access to a full website for your event with customizable sections and embeddable widgets to install PheedLoop's website modules on third-party sites (like your own organization's webpages).

Interactive Maps (Integrated Venue Maps, Exhibitor Floor Plans and Seat Plans) - Designed for on-site events, this add-on allows clients to create custom interactive maps of their event space in PheedLoop by arranging booths, sessions, rooms, objects, and more, on canvases. The maps can be used to connect booths to exhibitors and rooms to sessions in an interactive manner. These maps are visible on your event website (including the ability to embed on third-party pages), mobile event app, exhibitor application flow (if you'd like to incorporate booth selection in your sales process), and stakeholder management portals. The maps can be panned, zoomed, and selected to open booths/sessions and more information. You can even use this tool to create seat plans for galas, dinners, and award shows!

Housing & Hotel Management - Designed for on-site events, this add-on allows clients to manage hotel and housing blocks for their events. Housing management helps you to streamline the end-to-end hotel booking process from directly within the PheedLoop dashboard. Better yet, it is integrated as a step within the attendee registration flow to allow for a seamless registration experience. Create and customize hotels/properties with the various room types and capacities that are being offered. Manage and approve hotel room reservations with PheedLoop's efficient approval process that allows personalized follow-up communications based on the room and property an attendee selects. Export all of this information in reports to share with each hotel's property manager. 

Many customers use PheedLoop not just for its core event management modules, but also the attendee experience! PheedLoop offers two major platforms for attendees to experience your event, the Mobile Event Application and the Virtual Event Portal. Regardless of whether you choose one of the two or both, you can select which Attendee Experience Modules (FAQ in next section) you'd like to use and those specific modules will be activated for the Attendee Experience Portals you select. If you are running virtual-only events, then we recommend going with the free Virtual Event Web Portal alone, though the Mobile Event Application is very helpful for both types of attendees! Both portals are great for both groups of attendees, but each has its unique aspects. For example, the Mobile Event Application has a lot of badge scanning functions, whereas the Virtual Event Web Portal supports more streaming options.

Mobile Event Application - The event app is accessible via iOS and Android. Depending on the Attendee Experience Modules you select, it allows for interactive schedules, personalized schedules, attendee messaging, email notifications, push notifications, social event feed, discussion board, speakers list, attendees list, attendee badge scan networking, exhibitors list, sponsors list, and more. PheedLoop's native streaming options Meet & Stream and Direct RTMP work as well if your event is streaming, along with video calling and chatting across all attendees at an event including between on-site and virtual attendees. Some functionality may depend on whether you choose certain power-ups described below (e.g. interactive floor plans, exhibitor lead scanning, session check-in scanning, etc.). Some events require a white-labeled event app, and we do offer this option at an added cost of $950, so please let us know if this is a requirement!

Virtual Event Portal - The Virtual Event Web App is perfect for hybrid or virtual-only events, as well as for events that would like to keep their event running for a long period of time as the Virtual Event Web App is a fantastic community tool for all your attendees, pre and post-event, to login to and engage. We've decided to make the Virtual Event Web App free forever, so you only need to choose the Attendee Experience Modules you'd like as well as any optional power-ups. Even without any modules, the Virtual Event Web App does come with the virtual lobby (includes a selfie photo booth, lobby chat, splash videos and banners, social media feed, and more)! The virtual portal is primarily designed for computers and desktop browsers, but it can be used on mobile browsers as well just with lesser interactive functionality (e.g. no video networking calls between attendees) which the Hybrid Event Mobile App would be best for.

Schedule & Sessions - Includes full multi-track schedule (unlimited sessions), file sharing, real-time chat, presence tracking, pre-roll videos, check-in surveys, CE credit tracking, schedule filters, sponsor branding, personalization, and more. For virtual events specifically, stream content and sessions effortlessly using one of many streaming options PheedLoop supports (Hybrid Mobile Event App supports Meet & Stream or Direct RTMP only), options for third-party captions, stream transitions, and simulive.

Exhibit Hall - Full list of exhibitors and interactive profiles, videos, real-time chat, unlimited one-on-one video/audio/text meetings between exhibitors and attendees, file sharing, meeting booking pop-up (third-party), social media links, staff members lists, and more. Exhibitors can also see a real-time feed of who visited their booth. The Premium Exhibit Booth upgrade unlocks 3D expo booths (in the Virtual Event Web App), live group video calls, and lead retrieval. If the Hybrid Event Mobile App is used, lead retrieval also can be accomplished via scanning attendee badges using the mobile app, and the Interactive Maps Power-Up can be used as well.

Networking - Full searchable and filterable list of attendees, unlimited one-on-one video/audio/text meetings between attendees, selfie photo-booth, push notifications, group meetings (5 groups with 5 participants in real-time, can be upgraded to 25x25), tag filters, full profiles with biographies, links, files, and the ability to start conversations from anywhere in the virtual event. 

Remember that you can always add these power-ups to your events right from your dashboard at a later date. Just like everything else in PheedLoop, this is completely self-serve!

Interactive Maps - Designed for on-site events, this add-on allows (primarily trade and consumer shows) to create custom floor plans and seat plans in PheedLoop by arranging booths and exhibitors on canvases. Both floor plans are visible on your event website (including the ability to embed the floor plan on third-party pages), mobile event app, exhibitor application flow (if you'd like to incorporate booth selection in your sales process), and exhibitor portals. The floor plan can be panned, zoomed, and selected to open booths and more information.
Gamification - Create unlimited codes and prizes to distribute throughout the virtual event, and allow attendees to win points for custom actions. Use this power-up to encourage more engagement in sessions, at booths, and more. Comes complete with an attendee leaderboard to highlight players with the most points.

OnSight Event & Session Check-In Software - Designed for on-site events, this add-on allows you to use the mobile event app to scan QR codes on badges. The badges are typically printed either before the event or on-site in real time. You can also export badge data from PheedLoop if you would like to use a third-party vendor for your badges. Scanning the QR codes with this add-on allows you to scan and check attendees into the event by scanning their ticket or a pre-printed badge. Enjoy additional features when scanning such as the option to send a customized welcome email, purchase confirmation, and wireless badge printing (requires OnSite Check-In and renting of our badge printers). Scanning the QR codes on badges with this add-on also allows you to check attendees into and out of sessions to track attendance, duration, and certification. CE credits will show up in attendee apps and PDF certificate exports if set up for your event.

Advanced Networking - Available with features for both on-site and virtual networking. The add-on allows you to create a customized matchmaking experience for attendees in on-site and virtual events. For on-site events (requires the Mobile Event Application), this add-on enables attendee badge scanning, allowing attendees to connect with each other and save details about who they met at your event. This power-up will also provide attendees the capability to book meetings with each other on PheedLoop Go! for convenient network management. Lastly, Advanced Networking enables an event to host up to 25 groups with 25 people in each group for virtual events as opposed to the built-in 5x5. Those 25 people are able to communicate over audio, video (number of visible video tiles depends on screen size, up to 16), and text. Group creation can be restricted to the event admin, or accessible for all attendees. 

Advanced Audience Interaction - Available for both on-site and virtual events, audience interaction allows you to run unlimited live polls and Q&A for all your sessions. Perfect for hybrid events, as the responses from both sets of attendees are synced in the system just like all other data in the PheedLoop platform.

Advanced SmartSight Analytics - SmartSight is PheedLoop's real-time analytics system, that provides detailed metrics ranging from visits/time spent on individual pages (e.g. exhibit hall, sessions and stage, lobby, etc.) and visits/time spent on individual sections (i.e. specific exhibitor booths, specific sessions), to all sorts of micro-actions like clicks, downloads, chat messages, and more. It is a constantly evolving and extremely powerful analytics engine that allows event planners to make smarter decisions and prove return on investment. The basic version of SmartSight is available for free as part of the Base Platform Fee described above. You still get access to all aggregate metrics (e.g. total visits to the exhibit hall, total time spent in sessions, total chat messages sent, etc.). The advanced version of SmartSight provides the ability to access Level 2 metrics, which allows you to drill down into specific sections of your event, so instead of only seeing aggregate metrics, you can filter for specific sessions, specific exhibitors, etc. for relevant metrics. The advanced version of SmartSight also provides the ability to set fully custom date/time ranges, the basic version of SmartSight limits you to selecting one day at a time to get a big-picture view of your event's performance on any given day.

White Labelled Event App - You can white-label your event app for $950 per event. Doing so allows you to brand the app however you want. Attendees will be greeted with your custom icons and graphics in the app stores, as well as a custom splash screen you provide every time they launch the event app. Each purchase is applicable for a single event. If you wish to host multiple events with a dedicated White Label App, we recommend purchasing the White Labelled Container App for lower cost and easier implementation.

White Labelled Container App - You can white-label a container app for $2,450 per year. Doing so allows you to brand an unique app for your organization that will host all of your individual events in one environment.  This is helpful and on average costs less than white labelling many event apps. The umbrella app's graphics and branding will be connected to your organization's brand, and not to a specific event.

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval - Exhibitor Lead Retrieval allows exhibitors to scan the QR code on the badge of an attendee to save them as a lead at the event. One Exhibitor Lead Retrieval Credit provides unlimited licenses to all representatives from the company for the event. Exhibitor Lead Retrieval reports are available from the Exhibitor Portal and Event Dashboard. These reports will include the lead's information and contact details, who the representative was that scanned the lead, the date/time of capture, and any custom notes created by the representative at the time of scanning. 

Advanced Exhibitor Booth Package - The Advanced Exhibitor Booth Package incorporates Exhibitor Lead Retrieval and four key benefits for exhibitors. The first is the ability for the exhibitor to design a custom lead retrieval form that representatives can fill out upon scanning a lead. The second is access to API Web Hooks from the Exhibitor Portal which allows the exhibitor to sync PheedLoop with an external solution (such as a CRM) so that lead information is automatically passed to that solution. The third is access to the Exhibitor Meeting Booking feature which allows exhibitors to set custom meeting times for attendees to schedule meetings with them through the Event App and the final benefit is Business Card Capture which allows exhibitor representatives to scan and save business cards directly to the Exhibitor Portal and Event Dashboard. 

All prices for on-site services and physical products are in USD. Free shipping to the US, Canada, and UK.

On-Site Support - For on-site events, our team will be available on-site anywhere in the world to assist you with on-site badge printing, check-in and scanning systems. For the per day rate, you receive 8 hours of support. An additional $950 to cover travel expenses (air and ground) to any domestic event (within the continental United States or Canada, for international events travel rates may vary), and accommodations are to be provided by the event in the typical case. Our on-site support services are flexible, so if the standard options do not work for you, please let us know.

Remote Support - For events, virtual live event support ensures someone from our team is always available to answer any of your questions in 15 minutes or less during the hours and days of your event. If required, our team can connect over a phone call as well. Good for small events which may not need someone on-site, or for virtual-only events. 

OnSight Event & Session Check-In Software - Two tablets and one Zebra (ZD 621) printer shipped to your event (up to 3 days of use). Each kiosk is typically able to accommodate about 250 people at an average event. Transparent and White Label Rolls are available for $100 a roll. Each roll contains 250 labels to print Attendee information and is 4” x 3” in measurement. Premium and Standard badges require label rolls unless they are preprinted. Direct Thermal Badges do not require label rolls and can be printed directly. Check-in software can be run on your own laptop or tablets as well. Free shipping in North America, please inquire for international destinations.

Premium Plastic Event Badge - 3-15/16" x 5-1/2" (100 mm x 140 mm), double-sided full color, 30 mil thick PVC plastic. Free shipping, and data management for quantities over 100.

Standard Card Event Badge - 3-15/16" x 5-1/2" (100 mm x 140 mm), double-sided full color, card stock. Free shipping, and data management for quantities over 100.

Premium Custom Lanyard - Full multi-color lanyard, print any graphics and designs you can dream of! 20mm wide, double clip. Free shipping, and data management for quantities over 100.

Standard Custom Lanyard - Choose from several standard background colors and place a repeating white logo along the length of the lanyard. 20mm wide, double clip. Free shipping, and data management for quantities over 100.

PheedLoop-Branded Premium Lanyard - Opt for our discounted lanyard option - we'll send you PheedLoop-branded premium lanyards for you to use at your event to keep costs low!

For a full description of all streaming options in PheedLoop, please consider reviewing this article.

If you would like a discount on your pricing, you may choose to opt for a flex-year pricing strategy. You can receive a 10, 20, or 30% discount depending on the number of years you'd like to sign up for. The flex-year discount would apply to your annual payment (i.e. your initial contract value), and that payment can be allocated at the start of each contract year across any of PheedLoop's products (except for on-site hardware, staffing, badges, and lanyards). This means you can easily switch between on-site, virtual, and hybrid events and software because you won't be committing yourself to specific features or products! Even better, you can continue to make purchases if needed in addition to your annual commitment, allowing you to commit to only a minimum amount while still benefiting from the discount! Note that the discount would not apply to any additional purchases made within any given year over the annual commitment.