Meet & Stream Pricing

In addition to the free options and integrations PheedLoop offers for streaming content ( see all streaming options here), the platform also has the capability to run a full meeting and streaming experience for you and your speakers right inside the PheedLoop system. We call this product "Meet & Stream." This means you don't have to go anywhere else for additional services and rely on one simple, streamlined platform to manage everything for you right from your virtual event portal's backstage. It's pay as you go, so you don't have to make a massive upfront commitment.

Note: It's important to remember that streaming a lot of sessions live can get expensive and logistically quite demanding. For events with a lot of sessions, we see most events using a combination of Meet & Stream and Upload & Stream (100% free) to minimize costs and logistics by live streaming pre-recorded content.
Note: You can also opt to skip the "Meet" part and use our Direct RTMP option if you'd like to stream from an external source like OBS or StreamYard straight into PheedLoop.

  1 Credit $40 $100 $200 $325 $700 $1,250
10+ Credits $35 $90 $185 $300 $650 $1,100
50+ Credits $30 $80 $170 $275 $600 $950

What is a credit?

A credit allows you to connect Meet & Stream to any session for your event and stream the meeting between you and your speakers to the viewers limit for up to 2 hours. You do not have to purchase the same credit type for all your sessions. The table above lists discounts for purchasing credits in bulk and the discounted rate applies at the time of purchase only.

What is a viewer?

A viewer is anyone currently watching your streamed meeting. The viewer limit per credit is the maximum number of attendees that can be watching your stream at any given time. If an attendee leaves and another one comes into the session, that is absolutely fine. If the limit is reached, until a spot opens up, any attendee trying to view the session will not be allowed.

How does the RTMP option work?

Meet & Stream consists of two parts, "Meet" and "Stream". If you only want to use the Stream part and feed in your own content directly into PheedLoop over an RTMP connection, that is extremely easy to do. You would just use the "Direct RTMP" toggle in your backstage when you want to start streaming and will get the RTMP key and URL. The same pricing applies between Meet & Stream and Direct RTMP streaming.

Can I run concurrent sessions?

Yes, there are absolutely no limits at all. Run as many sessions as you like in parallel.

Example scenarios and pricing

Example A: You have an event with 500 people in total. You expect up to 500 people to attend the keynote and then up to 250 for 20 of the individual sessions falling in different tracks. In this case, the pricing would be: $200 (keynote) + $90 * 20 (sessions) = $2,000 if you choose to live stream all content. If you choose to use Meet & Stream for just the keynote and choose to use, for example, the native Zoom integration or upload pre-recorded content for the smaller sessions, then you simply pay $200 for the live keynote.

Example B: You have an event that lasts 4 weeks, and every week you have a live-streamed panel discussion that lasts 1 hour for up to 100 attendees. In this case, the pricing would be $40 * 4 = $160 for the full event's meeting and streaming functionality.

Example C: You have a hybrid event with 2,500 people in total, 500 in person, and 2,000 virtually. You are working with an AV provider and are managing your own streaming (e.g. via Vimeo Live which you integrate into PheedLoop) because you are doing a lot of custom work or streaming from the venue. Even though it's not the main event, you want to run 10 exclusive live panel discussions for virtual attendees, each with up to 250 attendees watching. Your pricing for PheedLoop's Meet & Stream package will be $90 * 10  = $900.

Streaming looks expensive compared to your other products, why?

The simple truth is that streaming is quite expensive, and this isn't unique to PheedLoop. Between running PheedLoop Meet and the RTMP ingest, transcoding, storage, streaming, recording, and data management - costs add up fast. We still believe you'll find PheedLoop's streaming is cheaper than any competing event management platform (let us know if you think we're wrong!). We have several options for you if you are looking to cut costs, such as our API integrations, unlimited Upload & Stream function, and custom integrations. Also, most events don't need to live stream all their content, so they may use a combination of Meet & Stream and other options we offer depending on their precise needs and budgets. Check out our streaming options and more detail in the FAQ here.